a walk with mental illness

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In Bedlam, Richard tells the story of how mental illness has torn at the fabric of his life and also the lives of his wife, Sarah, and their two daughters. He candidly recounts his bipolar experience - mania, depression, recovery and clues pointing to mental illness from his past. Richard also addresses love and support and the twisted tribulations of stigma and ignorance.

Husband to a loving wife, father to two beautiful girls, partner in a thriving accounting firm, house, cars, overseas holidays - the trappings of “success”. Despite the impression of an ideal life, Richard Smith was unravelling inside. The problem was called Bipolar Affective Disorder II.

"I have worked as a psychologist for over 20 years and read a lot of academic books about mental health issues, but there is an eloquence and authenticity to Richard’s exploration of his own experience that was a far greater teacher to me than so many other books because of the way he enables the reader to "experience" his own story in the telling of it."

K. Aitken - Psychologist