About the Author

If you really want to know about the author just buy the book! If you do, you will discover Richard was born in Warwick, Qld when the number one hit was Peter Sarstedt’s Where do you go to (My Lovely)? Over time, he was presented with three brothers and an equal number of dogs. Progressing through school; sport was a focus and highlighted by a hat-trick bowling leg spin against Killarney State School in Year Five. Moving to Uni, Richard met Sarah Leonard by the Uni lakes and after only a few years Sarah finally agreed they should be a couple. They married in the mid-nineties and have two daughters, Alexandra (18) and Georgia (14). Oh yeah, turns out Richard has bipolar which has deeply affected him, as well as Sarah, Alexandra and Georgia. You can now buy the book for Richard’s compelling portrayal of his struggles with mental illness.